Photo by: European People's Party
Photo by: European People's Party

European countries are allowing companies tied to the Chinese military to own 5G network infrastructure, directly endangering their own national security while making others’ more vulnerable.

“The Chinese Communist Party presents the central threat to our times,” Pompeo told the audience at a Policy Exchange event:

Video by Ruptly

“The Chinese Communist Party under President Xi (Jinping) has made clear that they have an agenda that is not always consistent with the very values Dominic and I have been speaking about this morning”, the secretary of state also said.

The following video explain how Europe is making a enormous mistake by allowing Huawei to own 5G networks, ignoring Germany’s own intelligence’s advice:

Video by China Uncensored

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls China the “central threat of our times,” as the United Kingdom looks to Huawei to build parts of its 5G network. A bad sign of Brexit Lots of bad ideas all around.”

The European Union is being threatened by China’s ambitions to buy off member states, as an example Greece’s biggest port is now party owned by a Chinese state-owned company.

“the European Union sought to draw renewed attention to human rights abuses in China — only to be blocked by one of its member countries, Greece.”, as reported by