The most common reason women are having abortions in the United States is financial insecurity, in most cases women can’t even afford stop working for a while in order to take care of their kids, here’s how Andrew Yang’s freedom dividend would be the most pro-life policy, preventing 73% of abortions.

“$1,000 a month for each individual would help society become stronger. It would help many Americans decide to have and keep children. One person said to me that the Freedom Dividend is the most pro-life policy being considered in our country.”, Andrew Yang said in a Tweet:

“Statistically, 74% of women end pregnancies because it would interfere with their education, work or ability to care for dependents.

For 73% of women, they could not afford the baby at the time. 48% of the time, she did not want to be a single mother or was having relationship problems. The overarching theme here is that abortion is motivated by resource limitations, particularly by financial constraints.

Over 73% of abortions are motivated by financial constraints. Guttmacher Institute.

Indeed, about 75% of abortion patients are poor or low-income. [5]

Given women’s limited economic resources and existing responsibilities to others, women typically feel that they had no other choice. In other words, the vast majority of women who are having abortions are not making a “choice” to have an abortion.

Instead, their lack of economic resources forces their choice and virtually requires them to give up the baby to an abortion.”, mentioned.

It seems like Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend is the most pro-life policy ever proposed, and that’s by the numbers.