Photo: Asa Mathat for Techonomy
Photo: Asa Mathat for Techonomy

Andrew Yang is the Presidential candidate who wants to update the US government to the 21st century, and from what we see with China’s technological authoritarianism rise, it seems that he’s our only hope.

“My big concern is that China is going to leapfrog us in artificial intelligence.”, Andrew Yang said while holding town hall at Drake University in Jan 13th, 2020.

Andrew Yang had also raised concerns about China’s illegal activities on at the sixth Democratic presidential debate that took place in Los Angeles, CA.

Yang raised concerns about Chinese government surveillance and China outpacing the U.S. on artificial intelligence. “They banned face masks in Hong Kong,” he said.

“Why? Because they have AI technology that now is using facial recognition to identify protesters … so they can follow up with them and detain them later.” He added: “This is the rivalry that we have to win where China is concerned.

They’re in the process of leapfrogging us in AI because they have more data than we do and their government is subsidizing it to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. I have sat with our leading technologists and they say they cannot match the Chinese resources.

“What we have to do,” Yang said, “is build an international coalition to set technology standards and then you can bring the Chinese to the table in a very real way because this is their top priority, and this is where we need to outcompete them and win.”, reported.

Although some others candidates including Pete Buttigieg also raised concerns about China and their illegal and unacceptable behaviors, Andrew Yang is the only one with actual plans and solutions including creating a world data organization, subsidizing AI and win the 5G race.