Credit: NBCUniversal & Gage Skidmore (Changes were made)
Credit: NBCUniversal & Gage Skidmore (Changes were made)

CNBC used flat wrong pictures for Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard during broadcast about the 2020 presidential candidates.

“According to Enjeti and his co-host, Krystal Ball, Yang’s picture is Jeff Yang, a Silicon Valley investor who is on the board of AT&T, and they believe has likely been on CNBC before. As for Gabbard, the pair speculated that the network typed in “G” in their graphics backend and selected the wrong one.

Although Ball said that mistakes happen, she noted that this is far from the first time such an error has occurred.

“This is a repeated pattern, especially for Andrew. They either leave him off entirely, call him John Yang, they called his wife the wrong name. I mean, they just, over, and over, and over again. The guy has been in the race for a long time, he raised $16 million dollars, learn his face and his name, OK? It’s basic!”, reported.

Especially CNBC has blacked out Andrew Yang multiple times, that’s why the “Yang Gang” uses the hashtag “#YangMediaBlackout” to raise awareness about the mainstream media’s effort to censor his campaign.