As the 5G race between the US and China continues, the US needs to at least double the existing workforce working on the network, and Andrew Yang wants to do just that.

“The race to deploy 5G is on between the US and China – this is a race we must win. I would scale up federal investments and coordination and fund the training and apprenticeship of tens of thousands of technicians.”

“First I would give every American $1,000 a month so that we all are in better position to benefit from and participate in our shared progress. 5G would have massive ramifications on the economy and workforce.”, Andrew Yang twitted recently.

Andrew Yang seems to understand technology, and may be the perfect man to out-compete dictatorships on 5G and reclaim global trust in democracy.

“President Donald Trump envisions a not-too-distant future in which super-fast 5G networks span the country, powering everything from smart cities to remote surgeries — and getting there before China does.

There’s just one thing: He doesn’t have the workforce to build it. And he’s not even close.”, reported.