An article published on states that “Andrew Yang’s universal basic income isn’t worth the cost”, however, Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend plan will make money, not spend.

Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend will generate more revenue that it will spend in regards to the state, and that’s because by its nature it’ll tax the biggest tech companies in the world and not the public, so it’ll actually make money, not spend.

“A monthly check of $1,000 delivered to every American adult would grow the US economy by roughly $2.5 trillion over eight years, a new study found.”, the World Economic Forum reported.

Andrew Yang helped create millions of job all around the United States, that means that his policies are well-planned and will work, and that’s common sense.

Note that Yangs UBI plan will be funded mainly by a VAT tax on Big tech companies, meaning that wealth will be imported more than exported through these firms.

“Automation can generate enough wealth for everyone’s basic needs, people can benefit from that wealth by receiving a universal basic income (UBI), a flat and guaranteed paycheck to every citizen.”, as The Incomer reported.

Conclusion: Yang’s Freedom Dividend will bring more prosperity that what he himself promises, and it will mostly help low-income citizens by making them independent from welfare and allowing them to finally get the job that fits them.