Homeless people in Greece are forced to live in caves, as the demand for jobs is low. That’s normal for a country that mainly relies on tourism for its funding, but lack of policies like Universal Basic Income is causing people to go homeless and often risking dying on the streets.

The following report is from a major Greek news outlet interviewing George, a Greek homeless person who lost his job in 2012, Greece doesn’t have a UBI policy so people who lost their jobs are 100% in the mercy of lack.

George in his 70’s, but he’s living permanently in a cave, speaking to the reporter he said that when he first saw this cave, he said “there no way I stay here”, but he later realized that he doesn’t have a choice.

“George is an ordinary person who happened to lose his job last summer”, the report mentions

Video by newsittv

“George isn’t the only homeless in that area men and women who are victims of the economic crisis are living in these caves”

Greece is a country where jobs aren’t in high demand, most of the goods are being imported, while the government doesn’t provide a Universal Basic Income, that results to people losing their jobs are a rapid rate, while not having basic funds to start a business or change jobs.