Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

“At this point our data is more valuable than oil,” Andrew Yang says, and he’s right, our data now generates more than $1.000 per American citizen. That’s why he wants to tax the big tech companies which receives this wealth while paying $0 in taxes.

Andrew Yang believes that our data is our property, and so when we rent it we should share its gains from the wealth they generate.

Video by Andrew Yang for President 2020

“Former entrepreneur and businessman Andrew Yang is making waves in the 2020 Democratic primary with his unique policy ideas and energetic grassroots campaigning style.

While he might seem like an unconventional pick, one statistic from Insider polling illustrates that if Yang doesn’t end up winning the nomination, whoever does should seriously consider tapping him as their running mate.  

According to recent Insider polling, Yang has the highest net support out of all the 2020 Democratic candidates among undecided general election voters who are considering voting for either party’s nominee. 

Out of the 268 undecided voters who knew of Yang, 46% would be satisfied with him as the nominee and 24% would not be satisfied, giving him positive net support of 22 percentage points among general election voters who know him and have not yet decided whether to vote Democratic or Republican.

While Yang is running as a Democrat, his never having held elected office or being formally attached to a political party has given him remarkable latitude to carve out his own distinct political brand.

Yang also has a highly loyal and active base of digital supporters, the Yang Gang, an extremely valuable asset in modern politics that few politicians can claim to have — and one that Yang would bring with him to a presidential ticket.”, reported.

He is currently the only one in the presidential race with a Freedom Dividend plan, which will be giving people their own monthly data money in a form of a dividend.

Andrew Yang recently raised $750,000 in just 24 hours, breaking his previous record, $1 Million in a week.