Andrew Yang raised over 10 Million dollars in Q3, and $1 million in just one week, and then he did it again.

Video by Paget Kagy on Youtube.

“Yang had received about 300,000 contributions from unique donors over the course of his campaign, but did not disclose how many individuals gave in the third quarter specifically. The average donation during the past three months was around $30, and 99 percent of the donations were $200 or less, Mr. Yang’s campaign said. Overall, it had $6.3 million cash on hand.

The sale of campaign merchandise — including at least 20,000 “MATH” hats — accounted for about $2.4 million of the money raised in the third quarter, aides said.

“This grassroots fund-raising total, with more than $6 million in the bank, ensures this campaign will have the funding to compete and outperform expectations through Super Tuesday and beyond,” Zach Graumann, Mr. Yang’s campaign manager, said.”, The New York Times reported recently.

Andrew Yang’s campaign is said to use the new donations in order to fund the campaign’s TV ads that are currently launching in New Hampshire.

“The Yang campaign places the ad buy at “mid-six figures,” and said the ads will be new, and different from the initial Yang ads shown recently in first-caucus state Iowa.

One ad, titled “Our Son,” discusses the health care needs of their oldest won son, who Evelyn Yang says, has special needs.

Andrew Yang and his wife promise that he will fight for Medicare for All if he is elected president.

In the other ad, titled “Paycheck,” Andrew Yang promotes his plan for a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 monthly for all Americans over the age of 18, saying it “offers a lifeline to your family.”

“It’s time to end a paycheck-to-paycheck America and offer a new way forward,” he says in the ad.”, covered.