Photos by AFGE
Photos by AFGE

Some of the democratic presidential candidates are pushing for ideas and policies already tried and failed in Europe and other places around the world, and that can cause a dangerous push-back for America.

Elizabeth Warren has plans to implement a wealth tax in America, while the same policy has already been tried and proven to not work in several European countries, including Germany, France and Sweden, all of these countries repealed the policy after it was proved inefficient.

Andrew Yang exposed Elizabeth Warren in the October Democratic debate:

Video by Americans for Tax Reform

“While the newly minted front-runner for the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren, says wealth tax will finance all her “I have a plan for that” ideas, Europe has tried, and largely dismissed, that scheme.

Of the dozen countries that have levied taxes on the ultra-rich, all but three repealed them: Promised government revenues never materialized, and the well-to-do found ways to exploit loopholes or, worse, moved out of the country to escape confiscatory taxes.

Meanwhile, in March, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley took to Twitter to challenge another Democratic front-runner, Bernie Sanders, for lavishing praise on Finland’s health-care system.

“Comparing us to Finland is ridiculous,” Haley wrote, as a chorus of fact-checkers — and Finland’s UN ambassador, Kai Sauer — rushed to Bernie’s defense.”, reported.

It seems like the only Presidential candidate with policies that would actually work and give us the desired results, is Andrew Yang, who is also the candidate with the most, and most detailed policies.