Photo by marcn (changes were made)
Photo by marcn (changes were made)

During her speech at the National Press Club, Marianne Williamson supported Andrew Yang and his Freedom Dividend policy.

“Milton Friedman, the main articulator of trickle-down economics, he himself said: “none of this would be safe without a Universal Basic Income”, the idea of Universal Basic Income is not something new, and I agree with Andrew [Yang]”.

By The Zach and Matt Show

“2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson speaks out on the automation threat and the need for a universal basic income.

She says she supports fellow candidate Andrew Yang’s universal basic income plan (dubbed the ‘Freedom Dividend’) that would give every American adult $1,000 per month.”

It seems like we ignored the importance of Universal Basic Income from the beginning, even the articulator of our economic system said that UBI is necessary in order for the economy to actually work, it should’ve happened a long time ago, but with Andrew Yang we have a chance of finally getting it done now.