Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile
Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

Speaking at the DC National Press Club, Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang explained how schools are outdated, S.A.T. tests were created during WW2 in order to decide which kids not to send to the front lines.

Andrew Yang said during the speech that “the fact is we’re preparing our kids for an economy that no longer exists, that’s the way the S.A.T. [tests] are designed, that’s the way most of our public school are designed and the fact is there’s not a real incentive among schools to change”.

Schools are mostly designed to prepare our children for the life in the factory, that’s why schools and old-style factories are so similar, from the way the teacher is teaching compared to the factory supervisor who needs to be heard and have the workers raise hands in order to speak, to the way product quality is rated, for instance, A+ quality of meat.

There are even songs about this subject:

By Prince Ea

Andrew Yang’s campaign is getting more and more momentum each day, and it’s expected to continue to rise, at one point during his speech, Yang tells the press “You underestimate this campaign to your own detriment”.