Photo by Phil Roeder
Photo by Phil Roeder

October’s Democratic debate is over and it rustled to some interesting conclusions.

After Andrew Yang exposed Warren’s wealth tax as a terrible idea that has been tried and failed in many European countries before, he said that “we should not be looking to other countries’ mistakes, instead we should look at what Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweeden still have, which is a VAT tax”,

“If we give the American people a tiny slice of every Amazon sale, every Google search, every robot truck mile, every Facebook ad we can generate hundreds of billions of dollars and then put it in our hands because we know best how to use it.”

By Andrew Yang for President 2020

Yang also nailed every other topic discussed in the debate, like Trump impeachment, economy and also proved that Sander’s Federal Jobs Guarantee would not work at all.

Sander’s FJG would not recognize the real work that is being done in our communities, while his plan, the Freedom Dividend would recognize that work, and respect every American citizen regardless of what he is choosing to do with his life.

Here’s everything Andrew Yang said in this Democratic Debate:

By GrassRoots #YangGang

Andrew Yang seems to be the only candidate who can take on Donald Trump, every other candidate would just get Trump re-elected in 2020.