As the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests continue, protesters attacked the Chinese Company Huawei among other suspicious to them companies.

Huawei is a company heavily tied to the Chinese Communist Party, the company also helps governments around the world spy on everyday people, “Chinese telecom giant Huawei is providing surveillance tools that African governments use to stifle dissent.”, the Wall Street Journal reported in video:

Video by Wall Street Journal

“Beijing’s furious response to the arrest of a tech ‘princess’ who is a top executive at Huawei reveals that the company is part and parcel of China‘s spying apparatus, an expert has argued.

‘Huawei is much more than an innocent manufacturer of smartphones. It is a spy agency of the Chinese Communist Party,’ wrote China expert Steven W. Mosher in a column on Saturday for the New York Post.

Mosher points out that since the December 1 arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada, where she faces extradition to the U.S. on bank fraud and international sanction violation charges, China has rounded up at least three Canadian ‘revenge hostages’.

‘Beijing hints that the hostage count may grow if Meng is not freed and fast,’ writes Mosher. ‘Even for a thuggish regime like China’s, this kind of action is almost unprecedented.'”, report mentions.

China expert Steven W. Mosher Argues that Chinese tech firm Huawei is part of the Communist Party’s spy apparatus.