What if the government made money off lobbying? That’s exactly what Warren’s new tax on lobbying would do, increasing corruption even more.

“Warren’s latest proposal is calling for an “excessive lobbying tax,” which would require lobbying shops to pay a tax if they spend over $500,000 per year on influence campaigns.

The proposed tax marks the latest round in a battle with an industry that, in part, helped fund her campaigns for Senate during the 2012 and 2018 election cycles.

Throughout those contests, Warren accepted at least $95,000 from various lobbyists and later transferred $10.4 million from her Senate campaign coffers to her 2020 organization. However, she was one of the first Democratic primary candidates to say she would not accept donations from lobbyists.”, CNBC reported.

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“Andrew Yang insists that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s lobbying bill will only make the cost of influence go up, but it will not address the root cause that she is attempting to address.

Andrew Yang believes that the financial impact that lobbying has on politics and government should be curtailed. But the Democratic presidential candidate doesn’t think that merely taxing lobbyists will have much of an impact, proposing a deeper attack on the foundation of the lobbying industry.

Lobbyists lashed out at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and her proposed tax on corporations and organizations that spend big bucks lobbying the federal government, arguing her plan would be unconstitutional. Yang also wants to limit congressional terms to 12 years.”

Andrew Yang recently said that Elizabeth Warren’s lobbyist tax ‘will do next to nothing’.

Warren’s new tax would increase lobbying and corruption even more, as not only it would “legalize” lobbying by making it okay as long as its being taxed, but it would also make it so the government is making money off it.