Credit / photo by: Gage Skidmore
Credit / photo by: Gage Skidmore

Americans are uniting behind Andrew Yang to solve the real problems, Yang’s policies will increase buying power, set a minimum income that no one can fall under it, and enhance democracy as Democracy Dollars will wash out lobbyist money.

Video by Andrew Yang for President 2020

Republicans realize that Trump’s claims in 2016 about fake unemployment numbers were true, but he now advertises the same fake numbers that include people working 2 or more jobs, part-time jobs and underemployed workers, while not including people out of the workforce, which is at multi-decade lows.

“Trump got the problems right, but his solutions were the opposite of what we need.”, that’s what Andrew Yang is saying, and people are realizing that he actually has the solutions to all of these and many more.

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Andrew Yang recently criticized Warren’s wealth tax plan, and he seems to be right, that would not work. It has been tried in Danish and ther European countries and the wealth flew away, leaving the countries empty.

“I think in theory it makes a lot of sense, because we’re in this winner-take-all extreme economy where a handful of Americans are getting a lot of the gains. But the problem with the wealth tax is in the details and the implementation,” Yang told me during an interview for Good Luck America, my political show on Snapchat. Yang is proposing a universal basic income payment of $1,000 per month to American adults, funded in part by a VAT tax, essentially an incremental sales tax levied at every transaction across the market.

“If you were to put [Warren’s plan] into effect, what you’d see is Americans would get divorced from their spouses so they’d get below the income threshold,” Yang said. “You’d see people, in some cases, even renouncing their citizenship. Because you have to ask yourself: If you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, would you rather pay $10 million a year to be an American, or would you rather go to Canada or some other country and say, ‘Hey, guess what? How would you like a really rich person to become a citizen?’ And for better or for worse, some people would make the latter choice.”, reported.

What makes Andrew Yang special is his ability to solve problems, he has already been creating thousands of jobs through his non-profit, plus the fact that every other Candidate is ignoring the fact that Automation is replacing most of the American jobs, including the most popular one, retail workers.