The third Democratic Presidential Debate that took place in Houston, Texas just concluded, it seems like Andrew Yang won.

Andrew Yang’s policies solve the actual problem that America faces once and for all, while the other candidates was more into trying to convincing that we should trust them.

Money in politics

Andrew Yang’s solution to corruption and money in politics is the Democracy Dollars policy which would give every American $100 dollars a year to donate to the political campaign of their choice, the money is use it or lose it. This was the only actual policy that stood out.

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Almost all candidates had they own plans for fixing education, the main ones were paying teachers more and putting more money into schools.

Andrew Yang’s plan included ALL of the above, but also things that all the other candidates ignored, like the fact that most of the education results of students are determined by out-of-school factors, like stress levels at home, income, neighborhood etc.

“Andrew Yang, one of the most vocal proponents for charter schools, said on his support, “I am pro-good school. I’ve got a kid, one of my little boys just started public school last week, and I was not there because I was running for president.

He then paused for a second, before adding, “We need to pay teachers more, because the data clearly shows that a good teacher is worth his or her weight in gold.”

“The answer is to put money directly into the families and neighborhoods to give our kids chance to learn and our teachers a chance to teach,” he concluded.”.


China violates the human rights of its citizens (lack of free elections, censored press and internet, lack of free speech, extreme surveillance control, government-supported theft of people’s organs and American intellectual property theft.

While most of the candidates were informed about the situation with China, Yang has personal experience, he mentioned that a CEO friend of his who recently traveled to China saw with his own eyes stolen tech in a Chinese company.

Andrew Yang’s policy includes making a fair deal with China that will not allow China to steal our intellectual property or dumb steal into the U.S. market, while also mentioning human rights violations.

Yang surprised us all with his announcement that his campaign will be giving a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month to 10 American families, signing up is free at

It seems like Andrew have won this debate, as all of his policies are offering permanent solutions to the actual problems.