Although the Chinese government is trying to censor the recent Hong Kong protests, a pro-democracy movement is forming, even within the mainland.

Steve Bannon made a strong prediction about the future of the Chinese Communist Party, and it doesn’t look good for it:

“At the height of the Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstration and the crossroads of the U.S.-China trade talks, Zooming In host Simone Gao interviewed former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

They discussed Hong Kong’s future, what’s next for the U.S.-China trade war, the stakes for all parties, and above all, the nature of this grand conflict.”

“Beijing is prepping for a massacre in Hong Kong: time for the West to put human rights ahead of free trade”, that was the title of a recent New York Post report, which states:

“There’s precious little ideology to China’s “communism” anymore and no hint of seeking economic justice. But the party will allow no challenge to its rule. Since Xi Jinping took over as president in 2013, he’s rolled back freedom after freedom.

“Christian churches are smashed and worshippers jailed; Xi has even bullied Rome into letting him choose Catholic bishops in China. Re-education camps house 1 million Uighers in a province teeming with hi-tech surveillance. Twelve million other Muslims suffer stepped-up repression and systematic abuses, notes Human Rights Watch. Buddhists deemed members of the Falun Gong movement pack prisons that provide involuntary “organ donors.”.

It seems like the days of CCP’s rule are ending soon or later, and altought that’s a great sign for freedom and democracy in the region, it’ll cause a period of chaos and violence.