Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and 2020 Presidential candidate, he seem to have the best policies of all other candidates so far, some of them are really important.

Yang is mostly known for his Freedom Dividend, his Universal Basic Income plan to give every U.S. citizen $1.000 a month, however, he also got some policies that can literally save democracy.

Democracy Dollars

Andrew Yang wants to reduce the influence of mega-donors by using a yearly credit system.

“Every American gets $100 a year to give to candidates, use it or lose it. These Democracy Dollars would, by the sheer volume of the US population, drown out the influence of mega-donors. It has been used in Seattle to great effect, and we can take their program national to move towards publicly funded elections.”, Yang’s site mentions.

Net Neutrality

The internet is becoming the main source of information for millions in the U.S., that’s why Net Neutrality matters, it ensures that no one is censoring people or gicing bandwidth priority to wealthy corporations.

“On top of keeping ISPs classified under Title II, competition should be increased through local-loop unbundling. This would provide startups with access to the expensive, final wires connecting the internet “backbone” to residences so that they can innovate and compete in an otherwise stifled market. By doing so, prices will come down away from their current monopoly levels and thus increase internet access further.”, the site mentions.

Andrew Yang seems to be the only candidate who can really save democracy and show the world that the path is democratic, and freedom can work better than authoritarianism and dictatorship which some non-free countries around the world want to promote.

More than 100 policies are available in Andrew Yang’s campaign website, and they’re all a must if we want to keep the world on the democratic path.