The United States is the richest country on Earth, however, its infant mortality and child poverty rates are among the highest in the developed world.

Americans are expected to live shorter and sicker lives, compered with people living in many other rich democracies. The U.S also has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and of the ten richest countries, the U.S comes last in terms of immobility and income equality.

America is so rich, and has so many people living n poverty, but there is big idea that can solve this, it’s called the universal basic income.

The government will give everyone, say $500 or $1.000 a month, with no strings attached. A basic income would help eliminate poverty, especially poverty among children.

A universal basic income would give workers more bargaining power, and people would become more entrepreneurial, allowing them to take more risks.

A UBI would free people, especially  women from abusive figures in their lives. they might go to school, or choose to volunteer in their communities.

Studies show that a basic income would make people more productive and stress free, as they’ll gain more control over their own lives.

“A universal basic income would also be the solution to finally and actually have human rights, such a the right to health and survival.”, and “could also make the US economy trillions of dollars larger”, as we had report.

A UBI would also make the workforce more productive, “A Basic Income could be the foundation of a much stronger family. Less-stressed, less-overworked parents, better able to fit their careers around their family life”, a quora member answered when asked about the UBI.

The result of introducing a universal basic income is less poverty, more opportunity, higher living standards and would make USA once again the bright example for the rest of the world to follow.