The Chinese Communist Party is reported to have removed social media posts of the recent massive Hong Kong’s protests, in attempt to censor the protests.

China is pushing an extradition bill that will punish anyone who criticizes the Chinese regime, spreading the existing Chinese authoritarianism to Hong Kong and taking its freedoms away, violating that way the treaty with the UK that would prevent Chinese takeover before 2050.

“Massive protests in Hong Kong against the government’s controversial extradition bill have been making headlines around the world.

But people using social media platforms based on the Chinese mainland are having trouble sharing any news about the events in Hong Kong.

Users of the popular WeChat and Weibo apps are among those finding images and words related to the protests censored, even if they are using the software outside China.”, SCMP reported.

It seems like the people of Hong Kong don’t want to be under Chinese rule, as they want freedom and democracy instead of censorship, human rights abusing and authoritarianism, that’s why they reject China’s bill and ask UK for the help they promised in the treaty.

Sources Include: CNN