Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and other U.S. companies have been blocked in China for years now, and now the U.S. blocked the Chinese company Huawei and China goes to court about it.

China has been a closed market, controlled by the Communist Party and blocked every company that it didn’t like to be there, while the U.S. has been fair to China, allowing Chinese companies to compete and take a huge part of the pie in America, now that started to change.

When the Chinese regime blocks U.S. companies in China no one is protesting about it, but now that Huawei is being blocked in the U.S. everybody talks about it and some are even against it.

China blocking and censoring media and news companies like The Independent, HBO, TIME and many more and only promote Chinese, mostly national sources available to the Chinese public is causing in huge disinformation of the Chinese people while a wrong image of many nations is promoted in China.

The U.S. has been trying for a long time to stop this nightmare that the Chinese people are subject to, by trying to convince the Chinese regime to open its markets and allow fair competition, but China always refuse any change to their unfair governance.

China is also blamed by many countries for spying, interfering in democracies, unfair trade practices, dept traps (especially in Africa) and high human rights abuse records, many think that the time to address China’s criminal actions is now.