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Venezuela is a country rich in resources, sadly these resources are not being exploited by Venezuelans, but by Cuba and Russia through the Maduro regime.

Recently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNN that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was preparing to leave his country, but was talked out of it by Russia, that means that Russia’s interests are in favor of the Maduro regime.

Cuba is a one-party communist state that outlaws political pluralism, suppresses dissent, and severely restricts freedoms of the press, assembly, speech, and association, according to Freedom House.

“Shortly after Guaidó became President of the National Assembly, he was briefly detained by authorities. He has also been prohibited from leaving the country, has had his assets frozen, is the subject of a probe into accusations that he helped foreign countries interfere in internal matters, and faces threats and intimidation from the Maduro administration in Venezuela.

He has launched Plan País (a plan for the country), an amnesty lawfor military personnel and authorities who help to restore constitutional order, supported attempts to deliver humanitarian aid to the country, gained control of overseas assets, and appointed diplomats recognized by other countries. As of March, more than 80% of Venezuelans support him in polls as acting president”, Wikipedia mentions.

Russia has been trying to keep Maduro in power, and Cuba is playing a key-role in that. The dictatorship is stealing Venezuela’s resources in order to fund the Cuban regime itself.