Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile
Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

China is not a democracy, and the fact that is set to overtake the U.S. on many fields, including technology is scary, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang explains the situation.

“From self-driving cars to augmented reality to advancements in medicine, agriculture and weaponry, many aspects of everyday life and a large share of the U.S. economy and military will be transformed by artificial intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

In the U.S., AI innovation is being driven by massive investments in research and development at the technology behemoths — Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

They stand to gain the most from these technologies by leveraging the huge amounts of data that users have providedBut more and more businesses in all kinds of industries are looking to AI to increase productivity, service and their bottom lines.

Hospitals are testing how AI can enhance care, school districts are looking at AI-equipped cameras that can spot guns, and human resources departments are using AI to sift through job applications. Government agencies, including law enforcement, are looking for ways to harness this next technological revolution to meet their ends.”, the Yahoo report included.

Andrew Yang seems the best potential U.S. President, because he addresses the real issues with real solution, and can help the U.S. catch up to China.

Sourcse: Yahoo