Criticizers of UBI in general and some others labeled the Finland’s basic income experiment as a “failure” because it didn’t boost employment, but it succeed at what we want it to do, secure people financially in the years of automation, improve life quality, eradicate poverty and boost entrepreneurship, so in these terms, the experiment was successful.

“Our results weren’t that surprising as it kind of confirms what we know from other pilots,” lead researcher at Kela Minna Ylikännö says,
“People’s wellbeing is enhanced when they have some kind of financial security. They feel secure, so they feel better – that’s something which we see in other countries too, not just a Finnish experience.”

“Basic income is figuring more in policy debates, but we don’t have a big evidence base about what we can expect to actually happen,” says Luke O’Malley, a professor at Bath University who researches basic income. “On one hand, basic income would make it possible for more people to enter employment – and go in and out of it quite easily – but if you give people an unconditional income, perhaps they’ll focus on other things. But this study has generated some really significant empirical evidence.”

“There are some other interesting parts about this study which we didn’t know before – for example, people who had basic income found that their trust in other people, in the government, and even in their future prospects for work went up,” says Anthony Painter, the director of Action and Research at the RSA. “So for example, there could be a positive lag effect on employment.”

The experiment successfully secured financially the participants, that means that it was more than successful, as according to people who know best what the coming years hold, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, having a job won’t be the case for every single human on Earth, yes, jobs will still be needed, but robots will do most of it.

Universal Basic Income is here to stay, not only because it’s something with high importance to most people, but because it’s fair.

If human rights doesn’t cover the part where you don’t become homeless, then something isn’t right, UBI is the way to fix these issues and improve our society.

What is follows is a difficult road with fights on many levels, but it’s worth it,
Universal Basic Income totally worth it.