Europe and USA are experiencing a rise in populism, with Donald Trump using a language similar to Stalin’s about journalism and the elections in Italy with the populism 5 Star Movement elected.

According to Reporters Without Borders China, Russia and Donald Trump pose threats to journalists and freedom of speech.

We see countries that used to be higher on the free press ranking list now claiming down the ladder while 2 reporters at least lost their lives recently in Malta and Slovakia.

Turkey is turning its back to European values, free press and human rights. The country experiencing a rise of nationalism, and a closer friendship with other authoritarian countries like Russia.

The World Press Freedom Index ranking is changing all the time, but the world seems to be experiencing a huge decline in freedom in general the recent years.

“As a region, Europe still ranks the highest on RSF’s index, but its rating also dropped more than that of any other region this year.

Four of the top five countries where press freedom deteriorated the most are in Europe.

Malta, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Serbia all fell substantially. The watchdog voiced particular concern about the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta, followed by the killing of investigative reporter Jan Kuciak just five months later in Slovakia.”, Deutsche Welle reported.

North Korea is the least free country being at the end of the list at #180. China is not far ahead with just #176 ranking in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index. The most journalism-friend countries are in Europe.

Finland was first on the list and the friendliest country to journalists in 2016, while in 2018 the country fall to #4. This is one of the many examples of European countries claiming down the ladder of press freedom.