A 52-year-old Greek businessman who was attacked and shot in his home by robbers in early April died of his injuries in an Athens hospital on Friday.

Alexandros Stamatiadis was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of Georgios Gennimatas Hospital. He had sustained serious injuries to his liver, right kidney and a lung.

Stamatiadis was attacked by two robbers who broke into his house at Kifisia just after 5 a.m. local time on Monday April 2.

When the businessman resisted, he got shot twice in the back. His wife and two children, also in the house at the time of the attack, were unharmed

The case highlights a rapid increase in violent crime in Greece, as there’s a crime outbreak that police shows us that is unable to do something about.

Many citizens demand a solution to the rapidly increased crime in the country. It is really usual for someone to get shot by thefts who broke into his house.

The state and the police department show no signs of improvement, the people of Greece seem unprotected and in the mercy of the criminals.

The crime in Greece is out of control, and the law doesn’t even allow people to defend themselves when a criminal breaks into their house.

The Greek opposition says that the law must change so people can protect their lives, the reaction took place after a police’s advice to the people saying “If thefts brake into your house, pretend that you’re sleeping”.