China has been creating artificial islands in the South China Sea for years now, and a vessel that creates these islands is the largest in Asia.

Shortly before New Year, Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) aired footage of the reef which showed a group of soldiers patrolling, along with military helicopters and vessels.

The.. ‘Magic Island Maker’

Video by Vox

Described as a  “magic island maker”, the Asia’s largest dredging vessel has been constructing artificial islands in the specific Sea. The boat, named “Tian Kun Hao”, is apparently Asia’s largest dredging vessel.

As one of the most important and strategic areas in the world, South China Sea is passage for the 30% of global shipping trade, that’s over 2.2 billion people. The sea is also home to the 10% of the world fisheries.

The Sea is also extremely rich in natural resources, the estimated oil amount is 11 billion barrels, while 190 trillion feet(3) is the estimated natural gas amount.

China claims they aren’t military bases, but their actions say otherwise. Either way, we have to be in the lookout for what the suspicious is doing, as the country recently showed signs of being a dictatorship.