In the question “How favorable is your view of each of the following countries?” Iran is the most disliked country, being at the bottom of the list.

Sweden is the most liked country in EU, while Iran is the least liked one, according to the following poll that was submitted in reddit in 2017.

Romania is the most disliked country in EU from r/europe

One of the possible reasons that lead to this result may have been that the country is one of the least free ones in the world, the government is controlling the press, the educational system etc.

The country has been illegally testing nuclear weapons, violating international deals. Saudi Arabia is talking about creating a nuclear bomb if Iran does.

“Saudi Arabia has warned that it will develop its own nuclear weapon if regional rival Iran acquires one.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told US network CBS News his country did not want to acquire nuclear weapons.

“But without a doubt, if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we would follow suit as soon as possible,” he added.

Iran limited its nuclear programme under a 2015 deal with several world powers – but US President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from it.

Saudi Arabia and Iran have long been rivals in the Middle East. Each is dominated by different branches of Islam – Sunni for Saudi Arabia, Shia for Iran – and they have historically supported opposing powers in regional conflicts.” BBC covered.