Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba speaking at World Economic Forum said that “globalization can not be stopped”, “Nobody can globalization”, “If trade stops, war starts”.

“Trade is the way to dissolve the war, not to cause the war”, the businessman and philanthropist said, “We have a better knowledge about a globalization and it’s our generations responsibility or opportunity to improve it”.

Jack Ma: Globalization Cannot Be Stopped, You Have To Improve It

Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of #Alibaba at World Economic Forum: "globalization can not be stopped", "Nobody can globalization.", "If trade stops, war starts."

Posted by Future Insider on Monday, March 12, 2018

Jack Ma also said that to gain success a person will need high EQ and “if you don’t want to lose quickly you will need a high IQ, and if you want to be respected you need high LQ – the IQ of love”.

He said global trade should be simple, inclusive and modernized. The next generation of globalization should be inclusive for young people as the first wave was controlled by kings and emperors. In the last 30 years, it has been controlled by 60,000 big companies, he noted.

Speaking on a range of issues, the powerful man said about artificial intelligence (AI) that robots may indeed kill jobs but it will mean that we need to create more jobs within the service industry.

A universal basic income should also play an very important role in this aspect, as it will dramatically reduce poverty and employment.

Consumption and the service industry has hope and we must do it uniquely, he added.

It’s about waking up people’s conscience

He further said philanthropy is about action and involvement. It is not about money but about waking up people’s conscience, he said.

“If you want to be successful then you should learn from other’s mistakes rather than their successes,” the Alibaba group founder and chairman said.

Politicians, people in powerful positions and especially the people should listen and pay attention to people like Ma.

We should all together improve our world, and ignore those who want to divide us for their own interests.