The Five Star Movement is the populist political party that won the recent elections in Italy and made the pre-election promise that it would set up a basic income.

Although The Five Star Movement has won the elections, it’s promises about a basic income are not in the horizon yet.

“Putin is the real winner of the Italian elections”

This was the headline of an article on The Hill about the Italian elections, the sad fact is that.. is probably right.

It seems like Russia is interfering in the elections of western democracies to serve it’s own interests, as we also saw in Brexit and Trump.

From all the available information we can assume that the basic income is a promise that The Five Star Movement made in order to collect more votes.

However, we are not sure if this promise is about to happen, as the party doesn’t even have a full plan about it.

An opinion poll back in October suggested that 60 per cent of Italians wanted very tough restrictions on immigration into their country, and that is subject that The Five Star Movement has been “hitting” on.

We are all waiting for the movement to complete it’s promise and introduce a universal basic income, however we have to be very careful. The Basic Income is something specific and has very clear points, it’s regular, unconditional and enough to provide quality survival.

The Universal Basic Income is an idea that has been popular all around the world, especially the recent months. It is possible that political parties will use it to get in power easier, even if it’s just a “fancy” lie.