Measles cases in Europe quadruple as vaccination rates drop due to conspiracy theories and populism.

Europe is experiencing a populism rise the recent years, we saw it in Brexit, the rise of the far-right, and the recent Italian elections. That seems to causing problems in public health.

In Italy, for example, to the growing strength of anti-vaccine movements, according to CNN. Anti-vaxxers buy into the thoroughly debunked theory that vaccines cause autism.

It is very possible that it’s caused by the “war” between Democratic countries and authoritarian countries (and even dictatorships).

The people of Europe have been targeted by the eastern bloc, which used Europeans to destroy their own institutions and values of freedom.

According to The Economist, this negative situation is caused by eastern interference in western democracies.

“Mr Mueller alleges that in 2014 Russia launched a conspiracy against America’s democracy, and he believes he has the evidence to withstand Russian denials and a court’s scrutiny.

Perhaps because Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, thought the CIA was fomenting an uprising in Ukraine, the Internet Research Agency, backed by an oligarch with links to the Kremlin, set up a trolling team, payments systems and false identities.

Its aim was to widen divisions in America and, latterly, to tilt the vote in 2016 from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Europe has been targeted, too. Although the details are sketchier, and this is not the focus of the Mueller probe, Russia is thought to have financed extremist politicians, hacked computer systems, organised marches and spread lies (see Briefing). Again, its aim seems to have been to deepen divides.”

It seems like Europeans are being fooled very easily by their enemies, and they’ll have to deal with the issue as fast as possible.