Australia considers banning ISPs from listing internet speeds they cannot provide.

A bill that would make it illegal for ISPs to falsely advertise high internet speeds is considering by the Australian government.

This is a common issue globally, often the internet service providers are advertising a high internet speed but when you buy the package, the speed is nowhere near it.

Penalties on ISPs who breaks the law

Australia is proposing a legislation that will fix that, under the proposed legislation. So if an ISP is lying about internet speeds would become a fine-able offense that could cost the company that violate the law up to $1 million AUD.

The problem also exists in the US

Consumers in the United States are experiencing falsely advertised internet speeds extremely often.

Last February, New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman sued Spectrum for misleading customers by advertising speeds that it allegedly knew it was unable to provide.

The lawsuit is still ongoing while the case proceeds to trial. Note that The New York Supreme Court rejected Spectrum’s motion to dismiss the suit this month.

Europe is suffering too

The problem also exists in Europe, as many ISPs are advertising a certain internet speed, but when costumers are getting the package they realize that the speed is much lower.

When I contact the ISP, after a long 20-minute wait time, the support usually tells me to wait for about a week and then a technician will come to my home. When the technicians comes, he just tells me that my area does not support this speed.

That results to a situation of people buying overpriced imaginary packages that the network can not support.