As Samsung unveiled it’s newest smartphone, the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, we discovered that they got much better than the previews models.

It’s speakers.

The Galaxy series has been really bad in terms of audio and speakers in the past. The speakers have been mono, with just “okay” sound quality, and the sound could be blocked if you covered the speaker with your hand.

However, it seems like the new Galaxy S9 not only fixed these issue, but it’s packed with some of the best speakers embedded in smartphones.

The new stereo speakers are 1.4 times louder than the previous model, and according to Samsung, the new speakers offer amazing and premium audio.

Note that Samsung partnered with Dolby to add the Atmos codec to the Galaxy S9. That means that the smartphone offers spatial audio, which dramatically improves the overall experience.

It’s Camera

The previous camera generations in the Galaxy series have been struggling in low light.

The new Galaxy S9 is changing that, as it comes with a mechanical iris which physically switches between two different apertures.

It’s tighter f/2.4 aperture is used for bright scenes to prevent crushed highlights, while the wider f/1.5 aperture is used for shots in lower lighting.

960 fps automatic slow-motion video

The Galaxy S9 can capture four times as many frames as the previous model, resulting to a slow-motion video capture at 960 fps with 720p HD resolution.

The automatic mode not only automatically identifies when to record in super slow-motion while recording regularly, but it also generates GIFs and saves them together with the original video in your camera roll.

All that with effects like looping or reversing the captured video. The video also automatically adds background music, which you can change to preset tunes or songs from your music library.