Magnetic tomography of the brain.. reveals our friends!

You may have already noticed that people have similar way of thinking to their close friends. That actually turn out to be true!

It is possible to predict who is someone’s friends, simply by looking at how their brain respond to visual stimuli, in this case in video clips.

The study, done by researchers from Dartmouth College, recently published in Nature Communications, analyzed the friendships and social ties of nearly 280 graduate students.

A group of 42 students also volunteered to watch a range of videos while having their neural activity recorded in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner.

The analysis shows that the brain activity between two close friends is very similar. Even if the friends are different ganders, ages and ethnicity, the results are also similar.

We first characterized the social network of an entire cohort of students in a graduate program. All students (N = 279) in the graduate program completed an online survey in which they indicated the individuals in the program with whom they were friends (see Methods for further details).

Given that a mutually reported tie is a stronger indicator of the presence of a friendship than an unreciprocated tie, a graph consisting only of reciprocal (i.e., mutually reported) social ties was used to estimate social distances between individuals.” the post on says

That’s why it’s recommended that you choose your friends very carefully as they can be decisive for your way of thinking, and as a result, your way of living.

We already new that our friends can interfere our way of thinking, but this new study actually confirms it.