A Universal Basic Income (UBI) experiment is taking place in Kenya. Thousands of people are receiving free money for 12 years. The experiment could redefine social welfare around the world.

Thousands of people are enrolled to the experiment across dozens of villages in Kenya. For up to 12 years, these Kenyans are getting almost double their ‘normal’ income, as part of the experiment.

The experiment is run by the charity GiveDirectly. After analyzing the spending data, GiveDirectly will learn how the UBI affects factors like quality of life & gender equality.

This experiment could make Governments around the world to replace the current welfare, which according to many reports has failed terrible, leaving poverty and inequality still there.

Why Basic Income is Revolutionary

Monica Atieno Aswan is a 28 year old woman taking part in the UBI experiment. “This money has really changed my life,” the Kenyan woman said.

Basic Income could free people from jobs they don’t like, and give them time to find something that they truly like. Today, most young people want to start their own business, but they can’t afford to take risks.

Many people are ‘trapped’ into their 9-5 jobs, as a result, they don’t have the time and money to start something their own business, or the job that they really want to do.

It seems like the Basic Income not only could eliminate poverty and inequality around the globe, but it could also solve really important issues in our society.

Other Basic Income experiments have shown that people will not spend the money unwisely, as in most cases they bought just the necessary. That can be food or an apartment.