The universal basic income is already a very popular idea across many countries, it seems like South Korea will join them too, soon.

The South Korean government included an expenditure to design potential models for a basic income experiment into the budget for 2018.

That shows an increased interest for a basic income from the government and politicians in South Korea.

It shows that the government and politicians in South Korea have started to consider basic income as a significant and unavoidable policy.

BIKN held a conference titled: “Why we need a basic income experiment: The necessity of BI and significance of a Basic Income experiment” on Jan. 23, 2017.

The conference was co-sponsored by the Democratization of Economy Forum of the National Assembly.

“Precarious Work and Basic Income for Young People.”

With the above statement, Professor Seo from Gunsan National University, confirmed our “suspicions” that universal basic income is just around the corner for South Korea too.

In contrast, the basic income has many “success stories” in experiments around the world, that is making it’s supporters really excited,

as it’s the first time in human history that true freedom along with the benefits of the free market and competition is becoming a reality.

Futurism’s video:

“a Universal Basic Income Would Boost US Economy by Staggering $2.5 Trillion”

According to experts, a universal basic income would boost the U.S economy by 2.5 trillion dollars.

“The study looked at three separate proposals: a “basic income” of $1,000 per month given to every adult, a “base income” of $500 per month given to every adult, and a “child allowance” of $250 per month for every child.

The researchers concluded that the larger the sum, the more significant the positive economic impact.”, a futurism article say.