A poll showed on Sunday, as the government pushes ahead with plans to shake up France’s costly civil service that French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating has fallen below 50 percent to its lowest level since October last year.

Pollster Ifop created a survey in Feb. 7-17 for the weekly “Le Journal du Dimanche” newspaper:

44 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with Macron, down 6 points from Ifop’s previous poll in January. That’s the lowest approval rating for Macron since October.

The French president stood at 42 percent last October.

The government announced plans in early February to modernize the public administration in a country with one of the highest public spending ratios in the world.

Note that the French government is grappling with how to honor Emmanuel Macron’s controversial election promise to reintroduce compulsory military service for young people.

Emmanuel Macron recently announced a plan to increase funds to the military, particularly for overseas anti-terrorism deployments.

Last summer, Macron caused waves among-st the military when he tried to slash the military funding.

All this situation is a little confusing to some people, which may also be one of the reasons helped to drop the French president’s approval rating.