It’s something everyone agrees on, it’s ridiculously easy to buy a gun in United States.

The result? 12,562 gun deaths in 2014

In fact, According the nonprofit project the Gun Violence Archive, there were 12,562 gun deaths in 2014 alone.

That’s a grand total of 301,797 firearm-related deaths in the past decade, compared to 71 deaths from domestic acts of terrorism.

There are just too much guns in the wrong hands of mentally ill people, as we recently saw on Florida’s tragedy too.

When a reported asked Donald Trump about the need for gun control, he ignored the question and just.. left!

A Republican leader named “Scott” said on CNN that no one type of legislation would remedy gun violence, stressing instead the need for a comprehensive approach to the issue.

372 mass shootings in 2015

There were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker.

According to a dedicated campaign group set up in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in Connecticut in 2012, there were 64 school shootings in 2015 in the U.S.

Of all the murders in the US in 2012, 60% were by firearm compared with 31% in Canada, 18.2% in Australia, and just 10% in the UK.