It seems like Hawaii is the U.S.’s most forward-thinking state recently.

This June, Hawaii became the first state to formally accept the provisions of the Paris Climate Accord, and now, the state is looking forward to a universal basic income.

The state congress has passed a bill that makes it one of the first US states to take action towards a universal basic income.

2017 was one of the best years for Hawaii, in terms of Innovation and forward-thinking. It became the first U.S. state to formally accept the provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement.

And now, Hawaii is taking the lead in embracing yet another innovative idea, the universal basic income.

Hawaii state representative Chris Lee wrote a Reddit post about House Concurrent Resolution 89, a bill he says he introduced in order to “start a conversation about our future.”

“After much work and with the help of a few key colleagues, it passed both houses of the State Legislature unanimously.” Lee stated.

Chris Lee’s tweet:

The Universal Basic Income concept is becoming more popular, according to experts, 2018 is the year that universal basic income will become “mainstream”.

The amount people supporting the basic income are much more than last year. That includes politicians and business people who are suggested that the basic income is going to be necessary.