Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes says that the digital economy is ‘going to continue to destroy jobs in America and we need a Basic Income.

The economy is changing. As the technology keeps on evolving, we need to change the system so everyone enjoys life.

“I think right now, the way the debate works is there’re some fox here telling you the jobs are over. There are never coming back, there robots are gonna be here. Massive unemployment.” Hughes told CNBC.

“Half of Americans can’t find $400 in a case of emergency.”

” and is not because they’re not saving, is not because there are not working, unemployment is near record lows.” He said.

People who make less than $50.000 a year, should get $500 guaranteed income, he argued.

“The 0.1 percent richest people own as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent combined”, Chris Hughes said in an interview on “TheStreet”:

A basic income would allow people to relax and be more creative, as it would ensure they’re survival. That will result to an explosion of creativity and innovation.

The universal basic income will also rise consumer power, that means that competition will also rise, the result will be higher quality and lower prices of the products and services.

Overall, the UBI will benefit all of us. From the richest to the poorer person. There is no one left behind, that’s why the idea of a UBI is become more and more popular as the time passes.

The UBI also appeared in the past, but back then, we didn’t have the tools and the right economy to do it. We are in the age and time where the realization of the Universal Basic Income is possible.

It’s finally time to make survival guaranteed for everyone.