Up to 100.000 trees per day, will be planted by drones.

Let’s face it, most of us think that drones are subject to those who are “familiar” or just love technology. This is about to change, as technologies like drones will be getting some of the most important “jobs”.

BioCarbon Engineering in collaboration with the manufacturing company Parrot are designing an autonomous tree-planting system to fight deforestation.

According to the World Economic Forum, every day are about 15 billions of trees cut off and in their place are planted just 9 billion.

This tree-planting drone system will be able to plant trees 10 times faster than human, plus it will reduce the cost in places without human-access to 85%.

BioCarbon plans to plant up to 500 billion trees in 3 decades.

The drones will be in “groups” of six, and every set will be using GPS and computer vision for the creation of a 3D model of the area where the tree-planting will be taking place.

Thanks to acts like this, we are delaying the destruction of our planet’s atmosphere from too much carbon dioxide for a more “few” decades. Planting trees is great, but we also need to reduce the overall pollution.